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IRvoodoo software wiki

On this page, you can find IRvoodoo software source code and instructions to compile software. IRvoodoo software consists of libvcomm library and a GUI program called vtool (VoodooTool).

Short indroduction of VoodooTool

VoodooTool? is IRVoodoo's software, whicy is neede only during setup or updating firmware. All settings related to IRvoodoo are stored onboard, which can be backed up to a computer (and restored).

Technical specification

VoodooTool? is a multiplatform (Windows, Linux, OS X) open-source program, which is made using Qt libraries. Software for different platforms is compiled from the same source code. In addition to Qt libraries VoodooTool? requires libvcomm library, through which communication with IRvoodoo takes place.

libvcomm library

libvcomm library is made to simplify communication between IRvoodoo and computer. Using libvcomm library, developers don't have to know/learn about USB or IRvoodoo communication protocol. Documentation about libvcomm is at, simple examples of use cases are at



Libvcomm & vtool online lähtekoodilehitseja

libvcomm API dokumentatsioon

Vtool lähtekoodi allalaadimiseks:

git clone --recursive

Libvcomm teegi lähtekoodi allalaadimiseks:

git clone