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Vtool kompileerimine Linux keskkonnas


  • Linux kernel 2.6.36 or newer
  • Qt4 libraries (4.6-4.x)
  • Qt4 development packs
  • libudev devel pakk
  • Functioning development environment (C++ compilator)

For Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint:

apt-get install build-essential libqt4-dev libudev-dev git-core


yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
yum install gcc-c++ systemd-devel qt-devel

Downloading source code

user@linux:~$ mkdir build
user@linux:~$ cd build/
user@linux:~/build$ git clone --recursive
Cloning into 'vtool'...
Submodule 'libvcomm' ( registered for path 'libvcomm'
Cloning into 'libvcomm'...
Submodule path 'libvcomm': checked out 'e7768a65142a6392a29734e8353f876f52637f84'

Configuring vTool project

Before compiling, the project needs configuring using qmake utility. Open "Qt Command Prompt". Specifying if you wish to compile release (CONFIG+=release) or debug (CONFIG+=debug) version is necessary. Using PREFIX parameter, you can determine where make install places the program. By default, PREFIX=/usr/local.

user@linux:~/build/vtool$ qmake-qt4 CONFIG+=release PREFIX=/usr/local


For parallel compiling, -j N key can be used.

user@linux:~/build/vtool$ make


Root user rights are necessary. The following commands have to be executed:

root@linux:build/vtool# make install
root@linux:build/vtool# cp libvcomm/90-irvoodoo.rules /etc/udev/rules.d 

make install copies program files to previously determined location (determined by PREFIX parameter).